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Can't network install with 3c905TX???

Hi all,

Tried to install potato, and as we're running a local Office-wide ;)
Debian-mirror, I thought it would be easiest to install by NFS. Well, I
could not even try it, as the boot/root floppies refuse to let me insert
the proper NIC module.

The installation was: boot-1.44, root.bin, then keyboard, swap, disk,
then "install base" only had "fd0, fd1, harddisk, pre-mounted" as
options. "Configure the network" lets me set the hostname, then tells
"No network interfaces were found". Then trying "modconf" just says

user.info -- configured modules; modconf returned 32512

on the logging screen, and that's about it.

The floppy tells "This is the Debian Rescue floppy, version 2.2.16." -
although the kernel is 2.2.17-something. Built on 2000-07-05 by Adam Di

If I'm just being stupid, plain stupid, dumb or should learn to read
and/or have sex with manuals, please point this out, as I don't know
what to do (so started to rsync a potato CD instead).

Best regards,


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