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[debian-installer] plans for this week

Now that potato is released and I am back and recovered from LinuxWorld,
I'd like to start working on the new debian-installer this week. There
are actually two independent parts we can work on right now:

1) Fleshing out the very rough design with actual details, and making
   sure it is sane and everyone understands and likes it. I'll post more on
   this on Monday.
2) Since the one thing we're sure of at this point is that the installer
   will be modular, with modules installed into it on the fly to add
   capabilities to it, and since we've decided the modules are deb
   files, we need a way to install those deb files. At 240k, dpkg is
   way too big. I'm thinking we need a microdpkg that's about 1/10th
   the size. I'll post some thoughts on that later tonight.

see shy jo

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