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Installing into DOS partition


I was already asking this in debian-user, but nobody semmed to care.

I tried to install potato into a DOS partition.
First try: umsdos

  I copied umsdos.o into /tmp ann loaded it into the kernel,
  but mount (in the boot flavour) wasn't able to mount -t umsdos.
  When i (copied into /tmp and) tried the normal mount i got
  problems because of the version of glibc.

Second try: loop file system

   No modules needed, but same problem with mount.

Did i make any mistakes or is it really impossible to install Debian into a
DOS partition?
Are there already any thoughts about improving that?
Could I (until a Debian solution) use a statically linked mount?

   Matthias Maisenbacher

If this is the wrong list, please forgive
 and point me to the right one.

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