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Bug#69786: Documentation - important

Package: boot-floppies
Version: current

The following issues need to be documented.  I'm writing this bug report
only because it should not be forgotten...

1. The meaning of the "<...>"-button in the getDirBox()-dialog

2. Preload modules from floppy, the first step by gemorin

3. Please check "choose directory within that medium that contains the
   Debian archive.  In slink you had to choose a directory within the
   mounted dir/partition/medium.  With 2.2.16 that was buggy and you'd
   had do enter /instmnt/foo/bar/debian, in 2.2.17 it will be within
   the mounted dir/partition/medium/whatever again.

4. Using an arbitrary device to install on.  I don't think this is
   documented already.  You can mount anything to /target and
   dbootstrap will continue.  This is required if you want to use some
   random raid system that isn't supported otherwise or if you want to
   use raid0/1/5 for your filesystem (enter the 2nd console,
   initialize it, mount it to /target, go back to the 1st and



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