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Bug#69154: boot-floppies: simplify Debian mirror selection

reopen 69154

"ADC" == Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com>

   Me> The installer requires you to enter the entire name of your
   Me> Debian mirror, including the site and the path to the
   Me> distribution.  Given that the path should be the same for
   Me> any major mirror, wouldn't it be better to present a list
   Me> of mirrors, perhaps organized by country, and fill in the
   Me> rest automagically?

   ADC> Unfortunately, adding this information to the Potato
   ADC> installer would bloat the size of it, and every byte
   ADC> counts.

Fine.  It's a wishlist bug, notice.  I don't expect the Potato
installer to be fixed -- I'm not even convinced it *is* fixable --
but I'm concerned about the future.

   ADC> I agree it would be nice but it's not likely to happen.
   ADC> It should be addressed by a future installer, however,
   ADC> say, for woody.

Absolutely, and that was my point in filing the bug in the first

   ADC> Closing this bug.

Reopening this bug.  If there's a separate woody installer package
in the BTS, then please reassign the report to that package.



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