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Re: How do I make custom package lists?

* George Hills (ghills@firstnet.co.uk) [000804 05:48]:
> I'm working with the boot-floppies 2.2.16 from potato, on i386.
> I'd like to change the boot-floppies to offer custom package
> lists. Some time ago I managed to do this for slink by playing
> with "master2files", but the new boot-floppies don't seem to 
> have this and I'm not sure what to do.
> Please could someone help, or direct me to some documentation?

I'm hacking the boot-floppies for similar reasons. Want 
to replace Simple and Custom options with Potato Firewall and
Woody Firewall. I will post to this list as I make progress.

Nathan Valentine - nrvale0@uky.edu
University of Kentucky Distributed Computing Systems Lab
AIM: NRVesKY ICQ: 39023424

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