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Re: [potato] last not i18ned part in bf and more

Marcin Owsiany wrote:
> Anyway, on 11 July you said:
> Akira > I think It's a critical bug enough to change debconf
> Akira > in frozen with the latest one. Any comments?
> Joey > 
> Joey > That would be very problimatic as the one in unstable has not had a lot
> Joey > of testing.
> Is that still true after 46 days?

I think it's still more or less true. Note that debconf has undergone
large changes in woody; including doing away with debconf-tiny. It's not
a very good fit for a 2.2r1 release.

FWIW, I've just uploaded debconf to proposed-updates. It
entirly disables the broken localization support.

see shy jo

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