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Bug#69793: IBM PC Server 320 (MCA/PCI Pentium) cannot boot

On Wed, 23 Aug 2000 09:54:53 -0500, Nathan E Norman
<nnorman@canaris.midco.net> wrote:
 > On Wed, Aug 23, 2000 at 04:45:37PM +0300, era eriksson wrote:
 > [ snip ]
 >> Package: boot-floppies
 >> Version: (potato
 >> architecture: i386
 >> model:        IBM PC Server 320
 >> memory:       48MB
 > Configured how?

The POST says 1024k base, 48128KB extended (?), and 256k cache. (The
message flashes by so fast I can't catch what exactly it's saying.)

BIOS says System Memory 640KB, Extended Memory 47MB, Cache Size 256KB,
Shadow RAM 384KB; System ROM F000h-FFFFh. The video card also has
1024KB of memory (obviously?)

If it matters at all, BIOS also tells me, under Product Data:

  Machine Type/Model          8640MY0
  Flash EEPROM Revision Level BUKT10AUS
  System Board Identifier     13LLN2AD48R
  System Serial Number        553L2D8
  BIOS Date                   10/27/95

The 256KB cache is enabled, the PCI slot interrupts (#1 and #2) are
set up on "auto-select" (should I do this by hand? I get to choose the
IRQs myself if I want to) and I've basically disabled all the ROM
shadowing (not a lot of it was enabled anyway; I think I turned off
the video shadowing but all the others were already disabled).

 > Manuals should be available from IBM as PDF docs.  IBMs support site
 > is good (when it's up!)

I looked at it briefly but I'm not a glutton for hardware
documentation. If there's something I absolutely need to have I'd
appreciate a pointer. Thanks :-)

 >> The "Pentium 75" is a bit puzzling because while BIOS and the guy who
 >> sold it say it's a 90MHz model, Debian and the tech spec page I found
 >> on IBM's web server say 75MHz. Hmm.
 > Sounds like it's overclocked.  I'd ensure the system board jumpers are
 > set correctly for a 75 MHz Pentium.

I'll try to figure this out.

Thanks for your incredibly fast response!

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