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Language Chooser

Hi folks,

who is in charge of the language chooser?  The head of choose_lang.c says
that it's haggie but he says, it's somebody else.

Next question: Why isn't that thing enabled?

Next question: How is it supposed to work?

Next question: What kind of work needs to be done to get it working?  I've
   been told that there were some problems with UTF8 fonts &c and that
   its development involves deep understnding in utf8, dbootstrap and python?
   Is that true?  If so, why?

I could imagine that there are problems with certain fonts, but wouldn't
it be a feasable solution to enable it for the number of languages where
it works?  Today we have nothing, this is bad.  Some translators are
already some sort of pissed since they can't use their translations.



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