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Re: building i18ned docs

On Wed, Aug 23, 2000 at 10:26:59PM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Marcin Owsiany <porridge@pandora.info.bielsko.pl> writes:
> > So either index.en.html should be translated and TARGETDOCS definition
> > should contain index$(DESTEXT).html, or there should not be such thing as
> > "index$(DESTEXT).html" at all in the Makefile.
> Is this fixed or still outstanding?

This is still outstanding. I guess this is time to decide what to do with
that file.

1) keep it or get rid of it?
2) if keep it, decide what in what source format it should be to allow

I guess it is useful for example on CDs, where there is no other
documentation index. If it was deleted, it would make it difficult for the
user to realize what exact documentation is in fact available.
(README-Users.m4 basically just points at doc/)

This is (probably not the only) reason we should NOT get rid of index.html.
Now there's the decision how to build it... I tried to convert it to
debiandoc, but apparently debiandoc isn't designed for such things. Thus I
guess we should just stick to m4, since IMHO the only format that would
improve the situation would be debiandoc (please speak up if I'm wrong).

By the way - I have just realized that there is one more file, namely
README-Users.m4, that doesn't seem to be touched by translators at all.
Is it OK to translate it and modify Makefiles and/or scripts to put the
translated files in disks-$arch like:


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