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Bug#68496: modconf: when arguments have been given to configure a module, it is not possible anymore to try to load this module without arguments

Package: modconf
Severity: important

The boot disks use modconf to select the appropriate modules.

When installing the Test 3 CD-ROM, I tried to use modconf to set up
the lp.o module.

I used the default suggested arguments io=0 irq=0.
It didn't work.  

After loading other necessary modules, I couldn't anymore
load lp.o, as there was no way to remove parameters :

Entering nothing at the prompt still kept the previous
parameters. Entering spaces had the same effect.

The only way to remove all parameters is to remove :

-- System Information
Debian Release: 2.2
Kernel Version: Linux tigreraye 2.2.17 #1 Sun Jun 25 09:24:41 EST 2000 i686 unknown

Versions of the packages modconf depends on:
ii  modutils       2.3.11-8       Linux module utilities.
ii  whiptail       0.50-7         Displays user-friendly dialog boxes from she

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