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Bug#67771: modconf or not?

reassign 67771 boot-floppies

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> thanks
> Martin Schulze <joey@finlandia.Infodrom.North.DE> writes:
> > Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > > So, uh, modconf is utterly broken on potato boot floppies?
> > > i386 only?  Does the new whiptail fix it?
> > No.
> > 
> > It's whiptail somehow.
> Ah.  This is not a bf bug.  Reassigned.

Didn't I say whiptail?  Why are you reassigning it to modconf?

Please investigate the problem instead of reassigning blindly.

The bug has some connection to the boot-floppies since it happens
through the boot-floppies/base-system.  Something is different
with whiptaill when using the root.bin and using base2_2.tgz.
Both is under control of boot-floppies.

Before reassigning next time, please prove that the bug is in the
package reassigned to.

> > modconf+whiptail gets called during installation with no problem.
> > After you reboot you'll get the new system, modconf does not
> > run anymore.  Reinstalling whiptail fixes it.  No clue, why.
> Ah -- that's not an RC bug.

I'd still call it critical and we have to deal with it, people
aren't able to use modconf *after* installation.  This is a showstopper.



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