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Re: [debian-installer] microdpkg

> How would you actually handle those dependencies though? Presumably you
> don't have a udselect that'll automatically find any debs that anything
> depends on, nor a uapt to do just automatically install them; you don't
> guarantee any ordering so running udpkg -i foo.deb bar.deb won't bother
> install bar before foo just because foo depends on bar...

well, you *could* do ordering..... presumably if you have to handle
depends, you need some sort of DAG to model the dependencies. it
shouldn't be hard to do a topo-sort on the DAG to get what to install in
what order.

if you do force-depends all the time there is no reason to write a
program, you'd just use something like Erik's shell script that
unpacks data.tar.gz to / and run things from control.tar.gz. if you
force depends it almost doesn't make sense to update the status file...

> A uapt-get that lets you say "uapt-get install <foo>" and *does* cope
> with resolving dependencies (but not conflicts, versions, or multiple
> Packages files, perhaps) might be useful too, without being too difficult
> or large. Hmmm. It really depends on what you want to use it for, though.

are you volunteering to write this? ;-) in all seriousness, if someone
wants to write a small but robust http/ftp fetch module for busybox
that'd be awesome. perhaps all we need is snarf..... but in keeping with
the modular approach this will let us integrate things in a more
flexible manner.

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