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/boot nonexistant on sun4cdm install disk set

I have a SPARCstation 5 that I'm trying to install debian on. I downloaded
the 2.2.16-2000-07-14 disks from /debian/dists/potato/main/disks-sparc/sun4cdm
and the root.bin that I used came from 

All went fine until I tried to download the driver.tgz from http.us.debian.org
Since I was using DHCP to configure the machine I checked /etc/resolve.conf.
It was empty so I put our DNS server in there and was able to ping 
http.us.debian.org.  Unfortunately the perl method didn't notice the change
and still reported the name as unable to resolve.  Putting in the ip worked
and nothing else went wrong until I tried to install SILO.  It failed so I
ran it manually from the console.  It reported that it couldn't load the 
second stage boot-loader /boot/second.b.  A quick survey showed no /boot at all.
Did I download a bad image for my root.bin??

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