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Help!!!:Problem with Boot using UDMA66

The Hardware:
    Motherboard:     BE6 (abit)
    Prossesor:          566 celeron II
    Ram:                  196
    IDE:                    intel ide controller
                                & HPT366 on board with be6
    Configuration of IDE:    intel ide1 = cd-rom master
                                        intel ide2 = internal ide
syquest master
                                        HPT3661 = Quantum KA Master

The image that i used is the UDMA66.  When it comes time to verify(or
whatever it does to the hard drive after it is detected) is stall and
does not move.  It detects the hard drive since I can see the hard drive
name on the screen but stall after trying something maybe init I do not
know.  If someone could help me.

Thank You,

    Yann Lamontagne

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