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Bug#68670: modconf should support all HiSax drivers

Package: modconf

Quoting the kernel the following modules are supported by
the HiSax driver:

Card types:

    Type                Required parameters (in addition to type and protocol)

    1   Teles 16.0               irq, mem, io
    2   Teles  8.0               irq, mem
    3   Teles 16.3 (non PnP)     irq, io
    4   Creatix/Teles PnP        irq, io0 (ISAC), io1 (HSCX)
    5   AVM A1 (Fritz)           irq, io
    6   ELSA PCC/PCF cards       io or nothing for autodetect (the iobase is
                                 required only if you have more than one ELSA
                                 card in your PC)
    7   ELSA Quickstep 1000      irq, io  (from isapnp setup)
    8   Teles 16.3 PCMCIA        irq, io
    9   ITK ix1-micro Rev.2      irq, io
   10   ELSA PCMCIA              irq, io  (set with card manager)
   11   Eicon.Diehl Diva ISA PnP irq, io
   11   Eicon.Diehl Diva PCI     no parameter
   12   ASUS COM ISDNLink        irq, io  (from isapnp setup)
   13   HFC-2BS0 based cards     irq, io
   14   Teles 16.3c PnP          irq, io
   15   Sedlbauer Speed Card     irq, io
   15   Sedlbauer PC/104         irq, io
   15   Sedlbauer Speed PCI      no parameter
   16   USR Sportster internal   irq, io
   17   MIC card                 irq, io
   18   ELSA Quickstep 1000PCI   no parameter
   19   Compaq ISDN S0 ISA card  irq, io0, io1, io (from isapnp setup io=IO2)
   20   NETjet PCI card          no parameter
   21   Teles PCI                no parameter
   22   Sedlbauer Speed Star (PCMCIA) irq, io (set with card manager)
   24   Dr. Neuhaus Niccy PnP    irq, io0, io1 (from isapnp setup)
   24   Dr. Neuhaus Niccy PCI    no parameter
   25   Teles S0Box              irq, io (of the used lpt port)
   26   AVM A1 PCMCIA (Fritz!)   irq, io (set with card manager)
   27   AVM PnP (Fritz!PnP)      irq, io  (from isapnp setup)
   27   AVM PCI (Fritz!PCI)      no parameter
   28   Sedlbauer Speed Fax+     irq, io (from isapnp setup)
   29   Siemens I-Surf 1.0       irq, io, memory (from isapnp setup)
   30   ACER P10                 irq, io (from isapnp setup)
   31   HST Saphir               irq, io
   32   Telekom A4T              none
   33   Scitel Quadro            subcontroller (4*S0, subctrl 1...4)
   34   Gazel ISDN cards (ISA)   irq,io
   34   Gazel ISDN cards (PCI)   none
   35   HFC 2BDS0 PCI            none
   36   W6692 based PCI cards    none
   37   HFC 2BDS0 S+, SP/PCMCIA  irq,io (pcmcia must be set with cardmgr)

This is too much to display in the regular dialog, so some cluebat
is required...



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