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Bug#68373: fresh install: some dependency problems ?

Yann Dirson <ydirson@altern.org> writes:

> Another small issue I had was that after a first pass at installing
> packages, apt told me it had problems unpacking some packages, and that
> it could not install or configure (was not clear, but I'd say it was a
> configuration problem, as only package names were given, not full package
> filenames) the following: gmc, rstart, rstartd.
> It then asked me to press enter, went on configuring packages, and the 3
> ones there went OK.
> It then told me some package installs went wrong and suggested to retry,
> which I accepted... just to be told no more packages were to be installed :)
> I had chosen "simple" as install choice and was asked for task packages.
> I selected the following ones (listing is from 'ls -d /usr/doc/task*'):
> task-c-dev         task-gnome-desktop  task-x-window-system       
> task-devel-common  task-gnome-games    task-x-window-system-core
> (indeed task-gnome-desktop and task-x-window-system-core were automatically
> added)
> I'll keep this test install partition around for a while.  I'm not sure
> how I can track the installation order, which would have probably helped
> to spot what looks like missing deps.  Maybe the timestamps on dpkg/info/*.list
> files will be enough, but if anyone has a better idea, I'll take it.

Hmm.  This isn't a boot-floppies bug.  It's either a bug in the
individual packages you mentioned (i.e., missing deps) or else an apt

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