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Bug#64823: incorrect LILO automatic placement on i386


Le 22 Aoû, Adam Di Carlo écrivait à propos de "Re: Bug#64823: incorrect LILO automatic placement on i386"
> Martin Schulze <joey@finlandia.Infodrom.North.DE> writes:
>> > I choose "make linux directly bootable from hard disk"
>> > 
>> > Then a dialog box says my disk is factory clean.
>> > Then a dialog box asks for an MBR. I answer no
>>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> I guess I simply don't understand.  If you don't want an MBR installed,
>> don't whine because it does not install one.
> This is actually about using a separate MBR program.  The user, I
> think, wants to skip that and just use lilo as the MBR program.
This is exactly what I wanted to do.

>> Please enlighten the with the above comment.
>> I'm willing to work on the bug, but first I need to understand the
>> bug.
> I think we have identified that dbootstrap prevents the installation
> of lilo as the MBR when the root partition is an extended partition.
> This limitation was once based on a factual limitation in lilo, one
> that no longer exists.
That's the problem.


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