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Re: Installing Debian with DTP Raid 5 controler ?

Well it honestly looks like you are not selecting the correct DPT driver
when you compile the kernel.  If you are patching the kernel source I
assume it's the I20 drivers?  Make sure you are not selecting the
incorrect driver.  Also I noticed when I just did this that for some
reason the ramdisk is mounted read only, to fix that if needed hit
alt-f2, press enter then type "mount -o remount rw /".

Christophe Conduche - DA wrote:
> Newbie to debian, but not to linux,
> I want (in order to be "full" GPL) to install debian on a server.
> The SCSI RAID controler I use (DPT, module dpt_io.o) is not recognized.
> how can I do a custom set of resuce/boot/disk in order to install debian
> on my system.
> All is working fine with RedHat and 2.2.16 kernel (DPT sent me the
> kernel patch to add the SCSI controler drivers). I hae the source for
> the driver, but I don't succeed to do a good rescue/boot pair of disk to
> make it work with debian.
> My system is working fine with RedHat. I want to replace red hat by
> debian
> Step by step I did the following :
> 1) copy the working kernel image on the rescue disk (compact flavor)
> 2) make a modules.tgz from /lib/modules/2.2.16, coyp it to the rescue
> disk
> 3)on the rescue disk : rdev.sh
> 4)reboot on the rescue disk, type enter at the prompt, inserting the
> boot disk when asked
> my scsi controler is not found and I can't follow the install process.
> moreover my ethernet card is not seen neither (via-rhine.o module, a
> D-Link 100 Mhz etehrnet card - works like a charm with red hat install)
> If someone could help me to find a correct way to install debian on my
> system, I'll be very pleased :)

			Jason Mesker
        	    Internet Tool & Die
		    System/Network Admin

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