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Re: Potato now stable

Branden Robinson wrote:
> This seems like a good time to ask; how would the boot-floppies team feel
> about creating a branch in CVS for Progeny?  There are probably some things
> we (Progeny) will do that Debian doesn't want to fool with.

What I really want to do is find some parts of the work you do for
progeny's installer that can be used directly in both installers.
Perhaps the hardware autodetection is a good candidate. Similarly, if
you are planning to make your installer modular and we can agree on the
same basic format for modules (we're thinking they will be stripped down
debs right now), that could increase cross-pollinization a lot.

Anyhow, I really feel some dialog about what you're doing will be more 
effective -- experience with Corel's installer, which was in our cvs 
(partially, and too late), shows thst just dropping a lump of code into cvs 
doesn't help too much, until you've laid the groundwork by explaining what
it does and how.

see shy jo

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