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Re: Help!!!:Problem with Boot using UDMA66

Yann Lamontagne wrote:
> The Hardware:
>     Motherboard:     BE6 (abit)
>     Prossesor:          566 celeron II
>     Ram:                  196
>     IDE:                    intel ide controller
>                                 & HPT366 on board with be6
>     Configuration of IDE:    intel ide1 = cd-rom master
>                                         intel ide2 = internal ide
> syquest master
>                                         HPT3661 = Quantum KA Master
> The image that i used is the UDMA66.  When it comes time to verify(or
> whatever it does to the hard drive after it is detected) is stall and
> does not move.  It detects the hard drive since I can see the hard drive
> name on the screen but stall after trying something maybe init I do not
> know.  If someone could help me.
> Thank You,
>     Yann Lamontagne

So it detects the drives name, but it hangs when detecting the size,
geometry and interface type etc

I think its a problem with HPT366, a couple of things you can try
	- put the HDD on your Intel controller, or
	- force the drive into UDMA33 mode (dont use udma66 cables)


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