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Re: New release of boot-floppies

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > If we don't provide the devices, we should create them online, that
> > would be a feasable solution for me.  Or alternatively we have to
> > remove the drivers that make use of them...
> Well, the stupid raid drivers that need all those controller-specific
> devices is what is consuming all the inode space.
> You may be able to tweak the controllers that are built.  The
> compromise we *explicitly* made was to only support one controller,
> and only support so many devices, to keep the root disk size down.

Then I guess the problem is ida.0 and ida.1.  Would it be feasonable
to only create those inodes (out of 256) that are really required?
I doubt that all device files are required for a working setup.  We
can still support all devices in base*.tgz.

> If you can find another workaround, great; otherwise, we need to back
> that out so bf can build again.




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