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Bug#68517: Not enough RAID ida devices

retitle 68517 [CVS-fixed] Not enough RAID ida devices

> Installing on a Compaq DL380 with onboard RAID controller and PCI
> Smart Array 221 card the compact set is required (requisite support for
> RAID + onboard ethernet does not appear top be in the standard set).
> However, the file system shipped with the compact set includes device
> nodes for the first RAID controller only (i.e. /dev/ida/c1* ).  This is a
> problem if you wish/need to install to the second controller (i.e.
> /dev/ida/c1* ).
> Note that the machine that this occured on has an onboard controller
> (first RAID controller) which has no disks.
> Workaround: after booting and loading teh root file system, go to 2nd VC
> and manually make the necessary device nodes (i.e. "cd /dev/ida; mknod
> c1d0 b 73 0; mknod c1d0p1 b 73 1;...") then go back to the first VC and
> select re-start the installation (otherwise you don't get the chance to
> partition on the second controller).
> Suggested fix: root file system to have devices for /dev/ida/c1* (and
> possibly /dev/ida/c2* also?).

I'll add ida.1 to the list of devices.

> IMHO, this is an "important" bug.
> Furthermore, attempts to use makedev to make these devices ("cd /dev ;
> /sbin/MAKEDEV ida.1") fail miserably (sorry, messages lost but it did
> include references to file system full - I'll try to recreate this on
> another machine next week, if necessary).

This would be a bug in makedev, however I cannot reproduce this.  Both
in test mode (add '-n') and in real mode I don't get an error message.

> Apart from this, the installation on this machine appears to have gone
> flawlessly (LILO installed on c1d0p1 and MBR on c1d0) - thanks :-)




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