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Re: /boot nonexistant on sun4cdm install disk set

On Sun, Aug 13, 2000 at 06:28:08PM -0400, Ben Collins wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 13, 2000 at 06:08:02PM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > Try the newer 3 August versions, I think.
> > 
> > If that fails, please submit a bug against boot-floppies.
> No, there should be no /boot in the root.bin. The /boot that silo uses is
> /target/boot. Silo us run as "silo -r /target" so that it will chroot to
> the new installed filesystem. Try running that and see if there is an
> error. I'm wondering what happened to make you think it failed. Was there
> an error message? If so, what was it?
Ok.. /boot shouldn't exist.  Two problems still stand with the latest boot-

1.  DHCP doesn't work correctly, all the information is recieved, the 
interface goes up, the route's are correct, but no DNS.  No matter what
I do.  I checked /etc/resolv.conf, nothing there.  The information is in
/tmp/resolv.conf but even if I manually set up the device afterward it doesn't
work.  It works fine if I set it up manually the first time with the same info
as it recieves from the DHCP server.  

2.  SILO still does not work.  I think it may have to do with the way I was
partitioning the drive.  It would not work without a Whole Disk partition
though that isn't mentioned in the documentation.  Now it claims to be successfull
but can't create a boot floppy and when I reboot is says it can't read /vmlinuz.

My original partition scheme was this.

1   ext2   /boot
2   swap   LinuxSwap
3   ext2  /

I changed it to this:

1   Boot  ???
2   swap  LinuxSwap
3   Sun   Whole Disk
4   ext2  /boot
5   ext2  /

Is there something I'm missing in the install guide....

William Cordis

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