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Re: Boot of 2000/98/Debian system?

"Conrad Delbert Seaman" <cdseaman@undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca> writes:

> I'm having trouble getting lilo to boot the system I have, there
> seems to be a gap in the doc's.  My system looks as follows.
> 1 20 gig disk
> 50% Disk C: (first partition)  Windows2000(NT5)/Windows98  (this boots using the NT loader)
> 50% Partition 2:  Linux Prime, Linux Swap, Linux Prime

> I know there are problems with not having linux in the first 1024
> for boot (help with that would help as well?)  Second, the NT5 boot
> loader does 'something' as well, and I know I need to edit that, but
> again, the documentation out there is hard to find and usually not
> very helpful.

Sorry, we can't be much help documenting the NT boot-loader, because
none of us use it.  Search the 'net though.

All I can tell you is that you can replace teh NT boot-loader with
LILO, or else, boot from a floppy for a while (the custom boot disk

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