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Re: [debian-installer] microdpkg

Joey Hess wrote:
> They will be written in C, or perhaps, in POSIX shell script (without
> any external commands except ar, tar, gunzip, though..).

If C, would it be ok if it was specific to busybox or would it have to
be independent?

If its writen specifically for busybox it could access ar, tar, and gzip
internally through ther ar_main, tar_main and gzip_main so it could be
quite small.

> I'm looking for a few people who'd like to write this in the next week
> or so. I think Randolph Chung may have already done some preliminary work.
> If you'd like to help, make sure you're on the debian-boot mailing list
> and reply to this mail.

Im getting bogged down with forks and IPC with the C based debconf stuff
i was attempting, i might have a quick look now.


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