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Re: building i18ned docs

Marcin Owsiany <porridge@pandora.info.bielsko.pl> writes:

> 1) keep it or get rid of it?

Keep it.

> 2) if keep it, decide what in what source format it should be to allow
> tranlations

Just like the original I guess.

> I guess it is useful for example on CDs, where there is no other
> documentation index. If it was deleted, it would make it difficult for the
> user to realize what exact documentation is in fact available.
> (README-Users.m4 basically just points at doc/)
> This is (probably not the only) reason we should NOT get rid of index.html.
> Now there's the decision how to build it... I tried to convert it to
> debiandoc, but apparently debiandoc isn't designed for such things. Thus I
> guess we should just stick to m4, since IMHO the only format that would
> improve the situation would be debiandoc (please speak up if I'm wrong).

Yes, stick with the way it is now.  I don't like it but I don't see
another solution which is feasible.

> By the way - I have just realized that there is one more file, namely
> README-Users.m4, that doesn't seem to be touched by translators at all.
> Is it OK to translate it and modify Makefiles and/or scripts to put the
> translated files in disks-$arch like:

You should translate it but probably it should stay at the top-level,
I think, i.e., README-pl (or README-Polsky or whatever).

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