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[Guillaume Morin <guillaume.morin@alcove.fr>] Re: wrong commit to the CVS

Anyone have any thoughts on that?

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Dans un message du 13 aoû à 23:42, Adam Di Carlo écrivait :
> No worries.  You should probably email debian-devel with info about
> this branch, what its status is, whether it is targetted for the
> 2.2.17 release (week?) or perhaps 2.2.18?

My branch contains a patch which allows you to install Debian when the
hard disk is not recognized (this is the case for some Dell servers). It
is pretty stable since my company uses "my" boot-floppies to install
those Dell servers. Actually, I was waiting for some Debian feedback to
include them. You know that is not easy for me. I am a new developer,
and I am kinda afraid to break stuff. I am not yet ready to say : "this
is my patch so include it" ;-). If you think, it could go to the main
branch, I will commit it.


Guillaume Morin <guillaume.morin@alcove.fr>

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