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Re: DPT SmartRaid VI PM2865U3

They are working on the driver which at this point must be patched. 
They plan to implement it into the kernel within by 2.4 I believe.  I
have been testing and testing ( I updated my bug this morning also which
lets me believe this is not a debian related problem.  I am about to go
download another dist of linux and try to install it under that on this
machine and see where I end up.  I am going to add to the but another
thing I just noticed which was I got tons of SCSI write errors which I
have never gotten those before.  I will update the bug instead of
telling about it here.

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> mat123@netcourrier.com writes:
> > i tried to install this dpt on five servers...
> > i have contacted the support, they only support red hat & suse.
> >
> > If you insist , you can get a beta patch for generic kernel...
> > I didn't success in it.
> So, the deal is that the linux kenrel doesn't support it?
> I don't get this -- if it works on RedHat and SUSE, it works with
> linux, and it should work in Debian... What's different?
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