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Re: [debian-installer] microdpkg

> It looks like we should probably get further along on the redesign
> so we can begin to get some better idea of what udpkg needs to be able
> to do. Maybe we don't need dependencies. Maybe we do.
> (FWIW, Randolph is working on some 9 or 10k udpkg that does support
> deps.)

I just checked something into cvs. it's in tools/udpkg

It's really still very incomplete. It "supports deps" right now only in the 
sense that it will check dependencies against installed/to-be-installed-with-
same-command packages. it doesn't do any of the ordering stuff yet,
although the hooks are there. Dependency checking can be turned off
completely at compile time as well.

As I mentioned above, it's still very incomplete. Feel free to
contribute changes, etc. I am exploring how to best handle the files
that go into /var/lib/dpkg/info/ .... in particular the list file is 
ugly... i'm thinking of doing something like (+ error checking, etc):

FILE *infp, *outfp;
char buf[MAXLEN];
char *p;
infp = popen("ar p foobar.deb control.tar.gz | zcat | tar -tf -");
outfp = fopen("/var/lib/dpkg/info/foobar.list");
while (fgets(buf, sizeof(buf), inp) && !feof(inp))
	p = buf; if (*p == '.') p++;
	fputs(p, outp);


Suggestions and code contributions welcome :>
Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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