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Re: [debian-installer] microdpkg

Randolph Chung wrote:
> It's really still very incomplete. It "supports deps" right now only in the 
> sense that it will check dependencies against installed/to-be-installed-with-
> same-command packages. it doesn't do any of the ordering stuff yet,
> although the hooks are there. Dependency checking can be turned off
> completely at compile time as well.

This is probably more than sufficient as far as using it to install
packages into the installer itself goes. I don't think we should ever
need to install more than one package at a time, and if only one at a
time is installed, your behavior is correct. I also don't anticipate
this ordering issue being a big deal with the way the installer will use

So if you do write full ordering, you may want to make it an ifdef just
like dependency checking is.

see shy jo

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