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Bug#57609: boot-floppies: Putting fr-latin0 keyboard map in the boot floppies?

> Not very important bug. This is more a wish...
> As far a I have properly verified, the fr-latin0 keyboard map (which is part
> of the kbd package) is not proposed by the installation process.
> As this meyboard map is becoming the de facto standard for users of french
> keyboard layouts (it includes the peoper key for typing the euro currency
> symbol, as well as many keystroke combination for getting uppercase accented
> characters), I think it would be good to get it when installing a Debian
> system.
> This is probably not a lot of work as the fr-latin0.kmap.gz file is already
> part of the Base system...
> Of course, feel free to report this to the woody boot floppies.. I think we
> can live with the "old" keyboard layout for potato....

How are these layouts called?

For example, brazillia has two different layouts as well:

>     { "qwerty/br-abnt2",            "Brazilian (ABNT2 layout)"        , KBD_pt_BR2},
>     { "qwerty/br-latin1",           "Brazilian (EUA layout)"          , KBD_pt_BR},

For the french ones I only have 'France' as description.  Is there more?



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