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Re: bf rewrite?

Erik Andersen wrote:
> I think step one is to create a new archive section for "installer".  Then get
> busybox (already packaged and ready to go), dbootstrap (not yet packaged, but
> should be easy) and all the other installer specific packages ready.  This will
> make life enormously easier since we then will not need to recompile
> _everything_ for a simple dbootstrap update.
> I think most people agree that dbootstrap need to stay for the time being -- it
> just needs to be majorly cleaned up (since the code has gotten quite messy).

Actually, I disagree. A big part of my plan for the rewrite is to
modularize everything, and break up big globs of code like dbootstrap.
We might move over some of the code, but it will be organized much
differently. Starting by packaging dbootstrap is not going to be very

Of course I agree with you about needing a new place in the archive for
the new installer and I'll be talking with the ftp admins again about
that, soon.

see shy jo

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