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Re: Minimized Debian bootable CD

Otto Wyss <Otto.Wyss@eds.com> writes:

> I'm very interested in your success since I also tried to use debian-cd.
> Unfortunatly debian-cd puts a lot of constrains on the configuration of
> what's included (i.e. all required, important and standard packages,
> etc.). I'd like to know how you circumvent these restrictions.

Yep.  Punt debian-cd, it's not useful.

You need to put the boot floppies section of the debian archive on the
CD; it doesn't really matter where, though I put it in
debian/dists/potato/... where it would usually go.

You need to point the mkisofs El Torito info at the 2.88 boot image.

Then it Just Works.

The minimal amount of stuff you need from boot-floppies seems to be:
the 2.88 image (for El Torito), the 1.44 kernel and drivers images
(because of a shortcoming in dbootstrap) and the base system tarball.

The dbootstrap deficiency is that dbootstrap wants to install the base
system, the kernel, and the drivers, and the last two it always
searches for with 1.44 filenames.  It would be Really Nice if that
deficiency were fixed.

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