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Re: [debian-installer] microdpkg

> This is probably more than sufficient as far as using it to install
> packages into the installer itself goes. I don't think we should ever
> need to install more than one package at a time, and if only one at a
> time is installed, your behavior is correct. I also don't anticipate
> this ordering issue being a big deal with the way the installer will use
> packages.

right... you don't need *any* ordering if you are only installing one
package at a time.

> So if you do write full ordering, you may want to make it an ifdef just
> like dependency checking is.

will do. i do want to have a fairly "complete" implementation in case we
do need it. if we comment out parts of it than so be it... i'm sure we
can find other uses for udpkg :-)

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