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Re: New release of boot-floppies

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Martin Schulze <joey@finlandia.Infodrom.North.DE> writes:
> > I've been told that Adam plans a new release.  I highly appreciate
> > that since the 'cant find /lib/modules/2.2.16/modules.dep file' error
> > gives a really bad idea of what Debian is doing.
> Yeah -- it's not release critical is it?  Because 2.2.17 would be for
> 2.2 r1, not for 2.2 (r0).
> > Wrt other stuff, what is high on your priority list that needs to
> > be fixed?  I'd like to help.  At the moment I have some spare time
> > to use for useful stuff.
> I love how you've been going thru and taking care of bugs.  I think we
> need to just continue doing that.  
> BTW, I worry about all the new devices you just added.  Are you sure
> we didn't just make the rootdisk too large for powerpc?  Didn't exceed
> our 

I don't know.  (your sentence broke there somehow...)

If we don't provide the devices, we should create them online, that
would be a feasable solution for me.  Or alternatively we have to
remove the drivers that make use of them...

> I'm focusing on the documentation bugs and improvements, so you can
> leave those to me if you like.

Yes, I already skipped the documentation stuff, since for a long time
I haven't coded I want to do coding instead of documenting this time.

> Although, if you know some Debiandoc stuff and wanna help with the
> documentation, even dealing with just that is a little overwhelming
> and I could use the help (i.e., right now I'm running a link checker
> on all the files, which itself is a bit too much work for me to deal
> with it all).

If time comes, documentation comes as well.

At the moment my priorities are bug fixing in the code, not in the
documentation.  Reading the changelog, there are a couple of people
out there working on documentation.  Only very few people work on
the code.

Speaking of code, do you know where the libc is shrinked?  I'd like
to review it and/or to add a function (tracking down the mke2fs bug report)



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