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Re: Language Chooser

On Sat, Aug 26, 2000 at 09:29:57AM +0200, Martin Schulze wrote:

> who is in charge of the language chooser?  The head of choose_lang.c says
> that it's haggie but he says, it's somebody else.
I'd say that I am in charge of language chooser.  Please be advised that
choose_lang.c has nothing common with language chooser.

> Next question: Why isn't that thing enabled?
because it was not well tested and it's incomplete (see below).

> Next question: How is it supposed to work?
well, there is a program (bterm) that implements an UTF-8 aware terminal.
Second step is to compile dbootstrap with language chooser support (add
USE_LANGUAGE_CHOOSER=true), then you can run something like

    bterm -f <nice-font-with-lots-of-characters> /path/to/dbootstrap

It should be working. :)  At least, it works for me (tm).

> Next question: What kind of work needs to be done to get it working?  I've
>    been told that there were some problems with UTF8 fonts &c and that
>    its development involves deep understnding in utf8, dbootstrap and python?
>    Is that true?  If so, why?
Let's start with false statements. :)  It does not need any understanding of
python nor utf-8.  I used python as it seemed to be a good choice for small
tasks.  I used it to create data files needed for language chooser.

What's done: it does permit to choose a language (along with locale name and
keyboard layout) and makes dbootstrap showing all messages in chosen language.

What's to be done. This information (the chosen language) is not stored
anywhere, as result base-config cannot use it.  This and the fact that we do
not create any configuration file that would allow to create a correctly
localized environment for the user are the major issues to be resolved and

I also created a program that takes a set of files, a bdf font and creates a
font that allows to display US-ASCII + everything in these files.  While
experimenting (sp?) with release_notes and message files for dbootstrap I found
that the resulting font is not big at all.

Unfortunately, I was short of time this summer, hopefully I will have more now.
Anyway, I am going to work on this.


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