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Re: bf rewrite?

Randolph Chung wrote:

> - there is no reason we need a 20+meg tarball to bootstrap the system.
>   base2_2.tgz should go, or at least become much smaller

It would be a lot more managable if we just install from packages, the
downside is that its harder to do our own thing.

Now that potato is stable it is probably a good time to start making
firmer plans, discussing/poking holes in "the plan", assinging tasks to
the willing etc...

If we are going to use existing standard packages we may need to lobby a
few package maintainers with our needs.
e.g. If dselect was split from dpkg then dpkg would only depend on libc6
and not ncurses and libstdc++, this would suit us better, im not sure
how easy it would be to convince others though, does it sound reasonable

Ability to format root fs to non-ext2 might be nice considering the
number of filesystems being developed currently.

For the starting point of the isntaller, we could make it pre-depend on
a shell (and a few binaries), this pre-dependency could be met from an
existing linux system, the user could roll there own, or it could be
built like a traditional boot-root install system. This could make it
more flexible, easier for users to customise it to there needs.


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