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Re: /boot nonexistant on sun4cdm install disk set

> 1.  DHCP doesn't work correctly, all the information is recieved, the 
> interface goes up, the route's are correct, but no DNS.  No matter what
> I do.  I checked /etc/resolv.conf, nothing there.  The information is in
> /tmp/resolv.conf but even if I manually set up the device afterward it doesn't
> work.  It works fine if I set it up manually the first time with the same info
> as it recieves from the DHCP server.  

That's a general problem then, I suspect.

> Is there something I'm missing in the install guide....

Yeah, don't make a seperate /boot partition. SILO is not like LILO. It
actually reads the ext2 filesystem directly. This is something I could not
solve in the boot-floppies easily, so you have to work around it. I don't
think you'll lose much by not having /boot on its own partition.

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