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Bug#31449: Debian Bug report logs - #31449

> Package: boot-floppies
> Version: 2.1.4
> Severity: wishlist
> If you, from withing dbootstrap, mount as root a partition (without
> formatting, of course) which already has a system installed on it,
> dbootstrap fails to detect this condition and take reasonable action.
> On my machine, it emitted several error messages (on ttyp1 no less!)
> when doing the 'Configure Device Driver Modules' step:
>   can't open /lib/modules/2.0.36/modules.dep
>   sed: not found
>   cd: can't cd to /target/lib/modules/2.0.36
> and on ttyp3:
>   conf.modules: Bad file descriptor
> I already had my system installed on the disk (which was mounted as
> /target), and it was running 2.0.35 rather than 2.0.36, thus
> the messages.  Of course another minor problem was that the error
> messages weren't redirected to ttyp3.
> But the major issue is that dbootstrap didn't detect that I was
> trying to install on a system which wasn't in an appropriate
> state.  I know that one is not supposed to do that; still, it
> should catch that condition.

What do you expect?

Define the sanity checks you'll want to see.

The only thing that I could think of in this case would be dbootstrap
checking if /target/lib/modules/`uname -r` exists and refuse to let
you start modconf if it doesn't.

I could also think of some sanity checks that will prevent dbootstrap
from extracting the base system if some random files already exist.



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