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Bug#69151: boot-floppies: provide advice about partitions to create and their sizes

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.2.16-2000-07-20
Severity: wishlist

Once you've chosen a disk to partition, you are unceremoniously
dumped into pdisk, without any instructions as to how the program
works or what you should do.

It would be nice if there were some information about the number
and size of partitions the user should create (how would a new
user have any idea that they need at least two partitions -- root
and swap, and that those partitions have to be special types, or
have special names?), as well as a quick overview of the commands
available within pdisk (especially how to get help, how to save
the partitions they've created, and the fact that you can quit
pdisk *without* disturbing your existing partitions!).  It would
be even better, of course, if the partitioning tool were more
user-friendly, but the installer should try to make up for the
weaknesses of the tools where necessary.

System information

Debian Release: potato
Architecture: powerpc
Kernel: Linux diziet 2.2.16-foo #2 Mon Jun 12 17:14:16 PDT 2000 ppc

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