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Re: install prog -> problem on ide raid system : PART 2

Martin Schulze wrote:
> Oliver Kowalke wrote:
> > Dear all,
> >
> > I forgot to say that I want to install Debian 2.2 on a raid 0 array. So -
> > installing Debian on a drive  on motherboard ide controler and then move it
> > to the ide controler will not work. Maybe should I compile a new kernel with
> > a driver for my ide raid controler card an put it on the boot floppy?
> Can you find out if your raid controller needs a special kernel module
> to be detected?  Please fetch a 'drivers.tgz' file and check if that
> module is in there.  If so, the next release of boot-floppies will help
> you since you can preload modules from a special disk before the regular
> installation.
> Regards,
>         Joey

I think the ATA-100 cards need 2.4 (unless its a hpt366 chip) i could be
wrong though.

I have an abit hotrod udma/66 card (which uses and hpt366) and it works
with the udma install disks.


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