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Re: not i18ned part in b-f 2.2.15

Akira YOSHIYAMA <yosshy@cts.ne.jp> writes:

> Surely, we can do with basedisks.sh hacking. But, it makes the script
> more complex and dirty.

Are we talking about woody or potato?  If woody, then sure, lets find
a cleaner way to do it.  If woody, however, it doesn't matter all that
much since the system will be gutted very soon, and basedisks.sh will
cease to exist.

> If we have i18ned console tools, termwrap is a very good choice.
> It's better than every tool considers terminal emulator for users.
> And then.... we can merge termwrap and sensible-x-terminal-emulator.
> It provides us more unified i18n terminal environment.

Quite.  But the woody vs potato argument comes up again.  I doubt such
a change can be made in potato X11 packages at this point.

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