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Bug#64823: incorrect LILO automatic placement on i386

Martin Schulze <joey@finlandia.Infodrom.North.DE> writes:

> > I choose "make linux directly bootable from hard disk"
> > 
> > Then a dialog box says my disk is factory clean.
> > Then a dialog box asks for an MBR. I answer no
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> I guess I simply don't understand.  If you don't want an MBR installed,
> don't whine because it does not install one.

This is actually about using a separate MBR program.  The user, I
think, wants to skip that and just use lilo as the MBR program.

> Please enlighten the with the above comment.
> I'm willing to work on the bug, but first I need to understand the
> bug.

I think we have identified that dbootstrap prevents the installation
of lilo as the MBR when the root partition is an extended partition.
This limitation was once based on a factual limitation in lilo, one
that no longer exists.

Everyone I've heard says lilo will boot fine when root is on an
extended partition, so the code to block this in dbootstrap should be

It's debatable that this is critical, however.

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