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Bug#68021: /lib/modules and symlinking a symlink

I was able to reproduce this set, but only after running "install OS
and modules" twice.   I bet the flavor doens't matter.

I believe we have hit this problem before.  When a symlink is made
from /lib/modules to /target/lib/modules, if there is already a such a
link in /lib/modules, then /target/lib/modules is made into a symlink
of itself.

Christian, can you check /lib/modules and /target/lib/modules and
confirm this?  I cannot reproduce the bug on the compact set (built
from CVS) unless I install os and modules more than once.

I believe this is a bug in busybox.  But I'd have to look at the
code. I believe we make the symlink after extracting the modules and
that it is "symlinking through" rather than "symlinking over".

Which is to say, I'm not totally sure if it's dbootstrap's fault or

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