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Bug#68496: modconf: when arguments have been given to configure a module, it is not possible anymore to try to load this module without arguments

Jean-Philippe Guérard wrote:
> Package: modconf
> Version:
> Severity: important
> The boot disks use modconf to select the appropriate modules.
> When installing the Test 3 CD-ROM, I tried to use modconf to set up
> the lp.o module.
> I used the default suggested arguments io=0 irq=0.
> It didn't work.  
> After loading other necessary modules, I couldn't anymore
> load lp.o, as there was no way to remove parameters :
> Entering nothing at the prompt still kept the previous
> parameters. Entering spaces had the same effect.
> The only way to remove all parameters is to remove :
> /etc/modutils/lp.

I don't quite understand.  If loading the modules fails, the file
/etc/modutils/lp won't be created.

If the module is installed, you can remove it again.



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