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Re: Automatic installation of a Debian system

On Fri, Aug 18, 2000, Romain Guilleret wrote:
> I'm looking for a tool for installing automatically a Debian system from
> scratch, using a local mirror and a boot floppy, a la Kickstart:
> - Partition the disk
> - Install a Debian base system end configure it (links, timezone )
> - Install chosen packages with apt-get
> All I have to do is insert the boot floppy in the drive and boot the
> computer. All is made automatically
> I've been thinking about making a light version of dbootstrap, using
> only the portions I need.
> Has anybody done anything like that ?
> If not, are there any tools for what I'm looking for

   I am working on such a thing for potato. It's almost functional, it
already does the partitioning, timezone selection, account creation. It
should do the package installation as well, but this feature hasn't been
tested yet and I have some trouble understanding the debconf database

   It does not use a local mirror yet but a Debian CD. I plan to add NFS
install support, and perhaps BOOTP later.

   I will create a CVS branch on the Debian CVS when it starts working,
and make an announcement on debian-boot.

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