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Bug#68659: mke2fs(8) is inaccurate

> The filesystem image on the root disk (root.bin) shouldn't
> use ext2 extensions that are incompatible with 2.0.x kernels.
> The current image uses those extensions, making it impossible to
> modify the filesystem with a slink system.
> (I'm trying to see some error message that are quickly erased
> by an installation dialog, but I can't even look at the filesystem
> to see if I can modify the script to preserve the messages.)

Looking at the current code I see how it is created:

        mke2fs -F -q -N $inodes -m 0 $floppy

-F   is force even for odd geometry
-q   is quiet
-N   looks like it sets the number of inodes or the inode/byte ratio
-m   sets the reserved-blocks-percentage

Nothing that looks 2.2 specific.  However there may be some implicit
extensions if one creates an ext2 with current mke2fs and 2.2.x.



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