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install prog -> problem on ide raid system

Hi all,

I've a problem installing Debian on my system:

2 x PIII 500MHz
Matrox G200
Abit Hot Rod 100 Pro (IDE raid controler -> pci)
Maxtor Diamond Max 8GB
Lite On CDRom 32x

I've plugged the controler on a pci slot and connected the hdd to it. In the
bios I set boot device to "SCSI" - the controler bios then detects the hdd.
If I boot form Debian CD and try to install Linux on the hdd drive - the
install prog doesn't find any hdd drive. How can I install Debian - what do
you do if you try to install Debian on a SCSI-only system (maybe this should
also work with the Abit controler).

thanks a lot,


PS : If I set the hdd to the mobo ide controler -all works fine.

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