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Re: debinst, debconf & postinst.

bug1 wrote:
> The woody installer is planning on being based around a debconf like
> program.
> I read in a recent posts (cant find it right now) about postinst stuff
> being unwelcome, to make everything preconfigurable.

Well we discussed it, and found cases where questions do have to be
asked in the postinst if the package needs to be able to reliably handle
failure cases.

> I think the debian installer could make a lot of use of a post install
> type setup.

I agree, I think it will be useful to be able to make the postinsts of
the installer's packages use debconf. Preconfiguration is not
particularly useful on the installer.

> I think that there are two clearly different functions that need to be
> catered for.
> debconf: Package installation, configuring the package to work on the
> system.
> debian installer: Using the functionality provided by the package. 
> So im thinking that rather than trying to reimplement the current
> functionality of debconf in c for the installer, it would be better to
> try and create a "cousin" of debconf focusing more on implementing the
> functionality provided by packages in a standard way.

I disagree. Debconf can currently handle both situations, and the
debconf used on the installer should be able to as well. It doesn't
really take any additional code to support this.

see shy jo

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